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Magnificent Wilderness

The World Natural Heritage

Hokkaido Is A World Brand - Let's Go See World Natural Heritage!

Shiretoko proved the whole world that Hokkaido is full of nature when being registered as a World Natural Heritage site in 2005. The Shiretoko peninsula is located in Eastern Hokkaido and the registered site includes the central part of peninsula and the coastal sea area. You will find many untouched wild animals and ecosystems in Shiretoko.

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In 2009, Lake Toya and Usu Volcano located in the heart of Hokkaido have been added to the list of geoparks.

You will see volcanic smoke coming from Mt. Usu and will be able to feel the dynamism of the universe. These two spectacular heritages of mankind are in Hokkaido, all travelers should definitely go see the sites when you visit Hokkaido.

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The Ramsar Convention

Paradise For Humans Are Paradise For Waterfowls

There are 12 wetlands of international importance as habitant for waterfowl including Kushiro-shitsugen,Utonai-ko and Sarobetsu-genya in Hokkaido, which are registered as the sites of the Ramsar Convention. Considering that 37 wetlands in Japan are registered under the Ramsar Convention,this can imply that Hokkaido is providing a more suitable living environment for waterfowl. When visiting the wetlands in Hokkaido, you will be able to see waterfowl resting.

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National Parks

There are six national parks protected and run by the government in Hokkaido.

“Shikotsu-Toya National Park” in the Central Area. “Daisetsuzan National Park” and “Rishiri-Rebun Sarobetsu National Park” in the Northern Area. “Akan National Park”,“Kushiro Wetlands National Park”and“Shiretoko National Park”, which is also registered as one of the World Natural Heritage sites in the Eastern Area. If you go see the government-designated rich nature, Hokkaido will be a more attractive place to you.

Quasi-National Parks

There are also five Quasi-National Parks designated as places of natural scenic beauty in Hokkaido

-“Onuma Quasi-National Park”in the Southern Area. “Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park”, and “Hidaka Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park”in the Central Area.“Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park” in the Northern Area. “Abashiri Quasi-National Park” in the Eastern Area. Large numbers of tourists are seen in these designated areas throughout the year as there are many sightseeing spots.

Prefectural Natural Parks in Hokkaido

There are also twelve prefectural natural parks

in Hokkaido other than National and Quasi-National Parks.“Esan Prefectural Natural Park” “Kariba-Motta Prefectural Natural Park”, “Hiyama Prefectural Natural Park”, and “Matsumae-Yagoshi Prefectural Natural Park” in the Southern Area. “Nopporo Forest Park Nopporo Shinrin Prefectural Natural Park” and “Furano Ashibetsu Prefectural Natural Park” in the Central Area. “Kita Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park”, “Shumarinai Prefectural Natural Park” and “Teshiodake Prefectural Natural Park” in the Northern Area. “Akkeshi Prefectural Natural Park”, “and “Sharidake Prefectural Natural Park”, “Notsuke-Furen Prefectural Natural Park” in the Eastern Area. These prefectural naturals parks make full use of characteristics of Hokkaido's plant ecosystem and geography, so you will experience unique nature culture of Hokkaido.

Special Natural Monuments

Seeing valuable plants and natural scenery

Among natural monuments designated and protected by country, those of particularly special value are declared as special natural monuments. Special natural monuments of Hokkaido includes Japanese red-crowned cranes in Kushiro, marimo, also known as moss balls, in Lake Akan, Nopporo forest park, the Daisetsuzan, and Showashinzan. The best part of traveling is to come across things you don't see in your everyday life. Among these natural monuments, beautiful mysterious marimo in Lake Akan will capture your attention once you see it.

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Hokkaido - A Great Place To Live For Wild Animals

Ezo red foxes, brown bears, spotted seals and Ezo deer all represent animals living in Hokkaido. There are many more animals such as cute squirrels; Ezorisu and Ezoshimarisu, and the strange creature, Clione and the list goes on and on. How many wild animals will you spot during your stay in Hokkaido? Just be careful of some wild animals including brown bears and foxes , they might be carrying contagious diseases, echinococcus and is really harmful to humans, so don't touch them for your safety.

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Unique Trees Makes Unique Scenery

Natural forest consists of 70% of the total forest in Hokkaido. Such nature-rich environment is home to unique wild animals in Hokkaido such as blakiston's fish owl. Hokkaido plant distribution is very unique compared to other parts of Japan. Mixed forests, the mixture of both conifers and broad-leaved trees, are highly distinctive characteristics of Hokkaido forests. Trees in Hokkaido change its face from dazzling green in spring to beautiful colorful red and yellow in autumn each year. Fir and Japanese larch are also important to planted forests creating unique forest landscapes. The Japanese larch also delights our tongue by growing sticky mushrooms.


Mt.Fuji? More Mountains in Japan

Hokkaido mountains are dynamic and gracious. The Daisetsuzan mountain is on the list of 100 Famous Japanese Mountains (Nihon Hyaku-meizan), and is also known as “the roof of Hokkaido” composing of high mountains including Asahidake, and Mt. Tomuraushi, one of the best alpine routes. There are many more mountains in Hokkaido, for example, Mt. Yナ衡ei, sometimes called “Ezo Fuji” , Hokkaido Komagatake, being famous for its beautiful shape, or the Shiretoko mountain range having a vast wilderness. A variety of beautiful and rare alpine plants bloom on some of these mountains. Of course, you can enjoy climbing these mountains, but you will know the stunning beauty of the mountains when just taking a look at these mountains whose top is covered in snow even in early summer.

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Lake / Marsh / River

In Hokkaido, water is a great entertainer.

Clear water, a mysterious figure, the flow of the river feel the hardiness of life ... It also boasts a scenic Hokkaido surrounding water.Lake in particular, the famous tourist attractions such as Shikotsuko known as the northernmost ice-free Lake Mashu and Japan boasts the world's leading transparency, leads to impress visitors.Noboribetsu Niseko and the marsh area is located in central Hokkaido, notably the "大湯沼" be infested with the hot springs.

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Waterfall / Valley

The spectacle in the waterfall in Hokkaido is wonderful.

A lot of waterfalls are scattered in Hokkaido. There is a waterfall chosen to be "Waterfall best 100 of Japan", too. It can enjoy the picturesque vista for one year.

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There are a lot of artistic nature in Hokkaido.

Can enjoy Hokkaido whenever it comes because scenery changes depending on the four seasons and time.

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