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Asahikawa Summer Festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

"Doshin Botanical Firework Festival" that colors summer nights in Asahikawa

3 days in which the northern earth is hotly excited

One big event of Asahikawa that will start the curtain with "Doshin Botanical Firework Festival" coloring the summer night sky. "Citizen dance parade" where about 3,000 participants dressed in their respective yukata or coat, dances to sightseeing Asahikawa syllabary, and the magnificent and heavy summer festival Huawei-heavy snow association shrine mikoshi, mountain car, dancing team walking "Summer Summer Tanabata Festival" etc. will be held. Various events such as "YOSAKOI Soranight", "Disco Night", "Taisetsu Matsuru Festival" are held, and it will be 3 days to raise the short summer of Asahikawa greatly.


location Ribeline Line Asahikawa Park, Peace Commercial Shopping Park, Showa Dori, etc.
contact 0166-22-8413 (Asahikawa Summer Festival Executive Committee Secretariat)
event date 2020.07.30 ~ 2020.08.01
Price free
how to access About 15 minutes on foot from Asahikawa Station
Parking Lot None
URL フェイスブック