Which seasons is your favorite?

Spring, when all the flowers bloom at once. Summer, when the lakes and beaches gleam in the sun.
Autumn, when the mountains and forests are painted with changing leaves.
Hokkaido, where each season is distinct, is filled with charm no matter when you visit: the splendid natural scenery, onsen hot springs, food and more.
Why not visit the brilliantly colored natural beauty of Hokkaido and discover which of its seasons is your favorite?

Season Calendar


Cherry blossoms, sunflowers and lavender... Hokkaido's summer is filled with flowers.

Most Amazing Views

From ancient times, the workings of nature have remained unchanged in this splendid natural region.


Let's enjoy various outdoor experiences such as hot air balloon, fruit picking, whale watching and so on.

Must-Visit Spots of Green Season

  • Jigokudani

  • Asahiyama Zoo

  • Mount Hakodate

  • Moerenuma Park

  • Shikisai no Oka

Hot springs

Hokkaido has the largest number of onsen resorts in Japan.
A view of the natural surroundings makes you relax fully.


Have a great time with awesome food gathered from the mountains and the sea.
And never forget tasting some Hokkaido-made sake or wine.