To a world of snow and ice,
where the white land sparkles

The severe cold winter is the season in which Hokkaido's unique characteristics can be experienced to the full.
Endless stretches of white land provide the backdrop to a host of attractions that can only be experienced in winter.
Why not come to Hokkaido in winter and search for the charms that make you forget the cold.

Superb views

Whether it's the mystical world of white, the drift ice that covers the sea, or the cold that creates natural
art - see for yourself and you're sure be impressed by the beautiful scenery unique to Hokkaido's winters.


Don't miss the skiing and other activities with which to enjoy the powder snow.
Once you experience the joy of being covered from head to toe in snow as you play, you'll be addicted to Hokkaido's winters.


As the scenery turns white, illuminations begin to color the towns.
There are a variety of long-running events around Hokkaido's regions in which to enjoy snow and ice.

Recommended Winter tourist spot

  • Nijo Market

  • Hokkaido Jingu

  • Shirahige Falls

  • Daimon Yokocho

  • Hoheikyo Onsen

  • Otaru Canal Cruise

  • Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery

Hot springs

Hokkaido boasts the highest number of hot-spring locations in Japan,
and when better to visit than winter, when the heat of the spas warms the body to the core.
Enjoying the scenery while taking an outdoor bath is one of the luxuries of winter.


The severe cold makes the abundant delicacies of the sea and other seasonal foodstuffs even more delicious.
Together with Hokkaido sake and wine, let's enjoy winter to the full.