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Hokkaido in a Movie and a Drama

“If You Are the One” (非誠勿擾)

“If You Are the One” is a movie shown in China in 2008. It made 300 million Chinese yuan (approximately 4.1 billion yen) at the box office only within 19days of its release, and it was the biggest box-office hit as a New Year’s movie. A lot of scenes in this movie were shot in Hokkaido, such as Shiretoko Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the success of this movie, tours of these locations have been popular. Why don’t you visit these beautiful places that contributed to the success of this movie?

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"Kitano Kunikara"

"Kitano Kunikara"is a TV drama broadcasted in Japan since 1981. A family moved from Tokyo to their hometown in Hokkaido and lived their life in Mother Nature. Thanks to this drama, Furano, which is located in the center of Hokkaido, became a popular destination for many tourists. A lot of sets used in the drama are still displayed so that the tourists can see them. There are many fans of this drama even outside of Japan, and those places are on the popular tourist routes, along with lavender fields.

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“Love Letter”

“Love Letter” is a film released in 1995 in Japan and directed by Shunji Iwai. It was released in Korea and Taiwan in 1999, and it became a hit in Korea. Many tourists from Korea visited Otaru, the main location in this movie. This fantasy love story starts with a love letter delivered to an unintended person. The story takes place in Otaru and Kobe, but it was shot mainly in Otaru. Many places used in this movie still now remain. Please note that a male and a female who live in different places but have the same name are on this film, and annotations to distinguish the 2 persons are inserted in the description.

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Ken Takakura

Ken Takakura is one of the top Japanese movie stars in China. First of all, a film named "Kimiyo Fundono Kawawo Watare"in which Ken plays was released in China in 1976. Later, Ken played in "Tanki Senriwo Hashiru" (English title: Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles) in 2005 by a great Chinese director, Zhang Yimou, who was a big fan of Ken, which made Ken better known in China. In the following year, he became a visiting professor at Beijing Film Academy and has had a close connection with China. Do you know that many of his movies take place in Hokkaido? His quiet and manlike character with a strong presence perfectly matches with Hokkaido. It takes forever to list all the movies he played in, but they include “Poppoya” shot in Minami-furano in Dohoku area, "Eki (Station) "in Mashike in Dohoku area, "Izakaya Choji" in Hakodate in Donan area, and "Shiawase no Kiiroi Hankachi" in Yubari in Douou area and in Abashiri in Doto area. Ken and Hokkaido, they both are similar in the dynamic presence.