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Wine Tourism

Winery Tour in Hokkaido

Wine tourism is aimed at touching the natural features and culture of a region by visiting a vineyard, learning about the process of winemaking and meeting wine growers. Wine tourism is already thriving in Europe, America and Australia, and now Hokkaido is also launching wine tourism. Hokkaido is one of the birthplaces of winemaking and many wineries have been constructed since the era when it was governed by the Hokkaido Development Commissioner (1869-1882). Now more than 10 wineries produce unique wines. The output of grapes for winemaking is the largest in Japan. The efforts by wine growers create high quality wine. It is said to be a rarity in the world for an area with heavy snowfall and very cold temperatures to grow fine wine. Why don’t you visit a vineyard in the midst of great nature, and taste some wine and cuisine only found in the northland with its pure Hokkaido air? You will definitely gain another wonderful memory for your trip.

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