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Drift Ice Sightseeing

Cruising Drift Ice Covering The Sea - A Great Feeling

Drift ice appears on the Ohotsuku Sea in the winter is mysterious. Thick huge chunks of ice are coming to the coast from far East. A view of the dynamic and beautiful drift ice is one of the highlights of the Hokkaido's sightseeing attractions in winter, so feel free to experience the power of nature. It is highly recommended to go on the vessel proceeding through thick ice, the sound of striking the chunks of ice gives you an exciting experience. If you are willing to try ice diving, that's also a great option, as the sea world under ice makes you feel spiritual.

Abashiri Drift Ice Sightseeing Boats “AURORA” & “AURORA 2”

See the drift ice in an hour-long trip on sightseeing boats Aurora and Aurora 2. 3000 for adults, 1500 for children. Departure times vary each month.

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Okhotsk drift ice pavilion (Abashiri-shi)

Part of the Mount Tento Observatory, you can see exhibitions of real drift ice all year round in the -15゜C drift ice room or the 3D superwide high-vision theatre. You can also see a 360-degree panorama from the observatory and enjoy a spectacular view of

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Sightseeing Icebreaker "Garinko 2"

Operation of drift ice sightseeing boat. Reservations required (TEL 0158-24-8000, FAX 0158-24-4040). Summer operation as sightseeing boats from May 3 until Oct. 31.

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Sea Ice Observation Tower Okhotsk Tower

The world’s first underwater drift ice observatory. As well as cliones, you can see all kinds of sea creatures in their natural habitat all year round. You can also find a kiosk on the first floor, a film hall on the second floor and a 360-degree observat

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