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Playing With Snow

Have fun in the snow like a child.

There are many winter outdoor activities in Hokkaido as it is a heavy snow region. There are a wide variety of activities for you to choose from; for example, the ones that local kids do everyday; the ones with little bit thrilling; summer activities, but people also can play in winter. These activities are not only for children to enjoy but also for grownups, families, couples and groups. Enjoy your time in Hokkaido!

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Snowball fight

The history of "Yukigassen" as a sport across national boundaries is being created. The number of players is increasing throughout the world, including in Finland where the European Championship is held. A team consists of 9 (7 regular) players and a captain. Yukigassen requires strong willpower, quick judgment and intelligence to create clever tactics. Only your shelter and the snowballs in your hand will protect you from the snowballs thrown by your opponents. You must hide behind your shelter and wait for your chance to fight back. You can launch a surprise attack and capture your opponents' flag, or hit them with snowballs and win on points. Unknown battles and dramas are waiting for you on the snow-covered court!

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