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Looking For The Best Quality Snow? The Answer Is In Hokkaido.

If you ask skiers and snowboarders in Japan,"which ski and snowboarding slopes do you want to visit most in the country?", then many of them will probably answer"Hokkaido's!". The Hokkaido's slopes have the finest powder snow compared to other slopes in Japan. You will love the experience of skiing/snowboarding on the finest powder snow. Hokkaido's ski resorts have good facilities and are found in great locations, so you can also enjoy during your break time and after ski/snowboarding. If you want to try skiing or snowboarding on mountains, there are great courses available for you such as the Daisetsuzan mountain range.

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Hokkaido Ski Promotion Council is established with the object of keeping strong liaison among major ski resorts, cities and tourism related organizations in Hokkaido.