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Unique Hokkaido's Culture Impresses You

Hokkaido fosters its old unique traditional culture and it would impress you in so many ways.

"Ainu culture" have been existing ever since Hokkaido was still called by Ezo and has own unique tradition and traditional arts. The Ainu culture has been passed down from generation to generation as a valuable culture even today. In the late 19th century the Hokkaido Development Commission was established and many different customs and dialects were introduced to Hokkaido. This is how today's unique Hokkaido's culture was formed. Hokkaido is filed with more fascinations than you imagine.

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Hokkaido - Living with Nature from the Past

Ainu people are the oldest indigenous people with original culture

and language and have been living in Hokkaido and Southern Sakhalin long before Japanese and Russians had arrived. The word,'Ainu' means 'human',and there are tens of thousands of ainu people living in Japan and most of them are in Hokkaido. Hokkaido has facilities which are aiming to maintain and hand down the ainu culture. It is recommended to visit one of them and learn the ainu people and culture, you will feel the spirit of living with nature.

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Multifaceted Land - Mixture of Japanese and Western Culture

Around the 15th century many migrants started to arrive in Hokkaido

from other parts of Japan, which resulted in achieving today's prosperity. You can see that everywhere in Hokkaido, there is an influence of not only various cultures seen in Japan but also of Western culture. Visiting historical landmarks, sites, or cultural properties will give you an in-depth view of Hokkaido and fire up your intellectual curiosity helping you have great trip memories.

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