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About Hokkaido Tourism Organization

Hokkaido Tourism Organization
1F, Ryokuen Bldg, N3W7-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
060-0003, Japan
Date of establishment
April 1, 2008
Chairman:Kenji Koganezawa
Executive Director:Satoru Nakamura
Basic principle
Dedicated to regional revitalization through tourism, and helping to develop tourism into one of Hokkaido’s leading industries.
Operational guidelines
Playing a leading role in Hokkaido’s tourism industry, thereby driving the development of industry and local communities across Hokkaido
  • Displaying the agility and expertise
  • Combining forces from various industry
  • Utilizing the knowledge and resources of the private sector
Major Activities
  • Building Hokkaido tourism strategies and developing Hokkaido as a tourism destination
  • Assistance and coordination for regional development
  • Promotion of Hokkaido both in national and international market

Hokkaido Tourism Organization Secretariat

Tel : +81 11 231 0941
Fax : +81 11 232 5064
8:45~17:30 / Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays

Tourist corner in the Hokkaido-Sapporo “Food & Tourism” Information Center

JR Sapporo Station, Kita 6-jo, Nishi 4-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo
Tel : +81 11-213-5088
Fax : +81 11-213-5089
8:30~20:00 / Open all year round
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Hokkaido Tourist Information Center (New Chitose Airport)

2F, International Terminal Building, New Chitose Airport
8:00 – 21:30 / Open all year round

Hokkaido government overseas offices

Hokkaido Tourism Organization does not have any overseas offices. However, the Hokkaido prefectural government has the overseas offices shown below.

Hokkaido Government ASEAN Representative Office

16 Raffles Quay, #B1-32A, Hong Leong Building,SINGAPORE 048581
Tel : +65 6507 3590

Hokkaido Government Sakhalin Representative Office

Suite 309, 234 Lenin St. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 693000 Russia
Tel : 07-4242-727-464
Fax : 07-4242-727-553
Alternatively contact one of the local offices of the Japan National Tourism Organization indicated below.
Website of the Japan National Tourism Organization

Our Activities

Strategy for tourism promotion
To build Hokkaido tourism strategies and action plans
To file petitions regarding tourism with the local and the national government
Management of Hokkaido – Sapporo Tourist Information Center
To host relevant meetings
Coordination between regions in Hokkaido and Hokkaido Government or the national government
Collaborate with other industries
Tourism-related survey and analytics
Statistic on visitors to Hokkaido
Tourism Promotion
Domestic Promotion
Tourism campaign
PR event & exhibition
Media trip
Publication of tourism brochures and posters
Promotion for educational trip
Development and support for brand management in Hokkaido tourism
International Promotion
Participation in International Travel Fair / Expo
Tourism delegation including seminar and business meeting
Media trip and inspection trip for travel agents
Advertisement in the media, production of travel show on TV
Support for travel agents
Regional Development
Regional promotions
Subsidy program for local tourism organizations
Support for Hokkaido Tourism Volunteer Association
Hospitality campaign and seminars
Award giving to contributors to Hokkaido tourism

Travel Professional

Media support

  • We invite media and other tourism-related businesses to experience the attractions Hokkaido has to offer in order to attract more tourists to the region.
  • Prior confirmation is required regarding the name of the publication, contents, issue date, and so on.
  • Submit a commitment letter if you are a freelance writer.
  • Submit a copy of the article after publication.

Transportation expenses and accommodation

  • No transportation arrangements or expenses to Hokkaido are offered.
  • In the case of independent reporting, no accommodation expenses are offered.However, if you have decided to stay in a particular area or lodging, we might introduce or relay you to the person in charge of said facility.


  • We are afraid that we cannot cover the expenses of food and drink, if it is not related to the contents of your coverage.
  • Each tourist facility will decide whether or not to waive admission fees and so on based on your inquiry.
  • For inquiries or detailed information, please contact us through the contact form.

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Website of the Japan
National Tourism Organization

Hokkaido Tourism Organization does not have any overseas offices. Meanwhile Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO) has worldwide offices as follows:

Korean (Seoul Office)
Simplified Chinese (Beijing Office and Shanghai Office)
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong Office)
Thai (Bangkok Office)
Malaysia*Contact and inquire to the Singapore Office.
Indonesia (Jakarta Office)
Australia and New Zealand*Contact and inquire to the Sydney Office.
United States of America (New York Office and Los Angeles Office)
Canada (Toronto Office)
United Kingdom (London Office)
German (Frankfurt Office)
French (Paris Office)

MICE in Hokkaido

Hokkaido – a region blessed with magnificent nature and well-developed infrastructure and facilities – is the ideal location for conventions, meetings and incentive tours. Amongst the recent MICE hosted in Hokkaido, the 2008 G8 Summit was held in Toya. The Hokkaido Tourism Organization strives to attract MICE through participating in MICE exhibitions held in Japan and overseas, as well as through conducting other promotion activities for MICE.

Reference sites (external links)

Hokkaido Convention Guide
Hokkaido Convention Promotion Committee
Sapporo Convention Network
Sapporo Convention Bureau
Sapporo Convention Center
JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization)

Response to Incentive Tour

Hokkaido Tourism Organization strives to attract incentive tours, mainly from the Eastern Asia region, and organizes inspection tours in Hokkaido. If you have any requests or questions, please contact us with the form below.

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Hokkaido Incentive Tour (PDF/73MB)