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About Us

Our Activities


Strategy for tourism promotion

  1. To build Hokkaido tourism strategies and action plans
  2. To file petitions regarding tourism with the local and the national government
  3. Management of Hokkaido – Sapporo Tourist Information Center
  4. To host relevant meetings


  1. Coordination between regions in Hokkaido and Hokkaido Government or the national government
  2. Collaborate with other industries


  1. Tourism-related survey and analytics
  2. Statistic on visitors to Hokkaido

Tourism Promotion

  1. Domestic Promotion
    1. Tourism campaign
    2. PR event & exhibition
    3. Media trip
    4. Publication of tourism brochures and posters
    5. Promotion for educational trip
    6. Development and support for brand management in Hokkaido tourism
  2. International Promotion
    1. Participation in International Travel Fair / Expo
    2. Tourism delegation including seminar and business meeting
    3. Media trip and inspection trip for travel agents
    4. Advertisement in the media, production of travel show on TV
    5. Support for travel agents

Regional Development

  1. Regional promotions
  2. Subsidy program for local tourism organizations
  3. Support for Hokkaido Tourism Volunteer Association
  4. Hospitality campaign and seminars
  5. Award giving to contributors to Hokkaido tourism