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Daisetsu Area – Nature and Snowshoeing 5-Day Tour





  • From JPY 275,000

  • 5 days 4 nights

  • Min. 4, Max. 10

  • Explore the quiet and natural scenery of Toma limestone caves, which have been formed since the Jurassic Period, 180 million years ago.
  • Observe the dynamic nature of the Earth through volcanic Fumaroles at Mt. Asahidake, which can only be seen in winter.
  • Enjoy the beautiful blue and white winter scenery created by volcanoes snowshoes.
  • Learn the connection between Kamuy-mintar (Mt. Asahidake) and Chi-no-mi-siri (Mt. Arashiyama) through the history and culture of the Ainu of Kamikawa.

Asahikawa, Toma, Higashikawa, Biei - Hokkaido


Daisetsuzan National Park, also known as “the Roof of Hokkaido” is the largest National Park in Japan. Covered with snow in winter, we can not only enjoy beautiful white sceneries but also interact with the nature and feel the majesty of an active volcano. During the harsh winters in Hokkaido, observing the fumaroles blowing up make us realize that the Earth is alive.

All along this adventure tour we will visit limestone caves that was created immemorial time ago, the fumaroles of Kamuy-mintar (Mt. Asahidake) which can be seen only in winter, the beautiful bright Blue River, and the Ainu sacred site of Mt.Arashiyama.



Meeting the group at Asahikawa Station

In the evening, we will meet at Asahikawa Station. After checking in at the hotel in the center of Asahikawa, we will walk for a nearby restaurant. During the dinner, we will have a brief meeting about our upcoming 5 days of adventure.


Y’s Hotel Asahikawa / Large public bath

Included meals

Dinner at a local restaurant


Visit Ainu Museum & Explore Toma Limestone Cave

We will start this adventure tour from Kawamura Kaneto Ainu Memorial Museum in Asahikawa. Established in 1916, it is the oldest Ainu museum of Japan. Sitting in “Cise”, a traditional Ainu house, we will listen to the owner of the museum, an Ainu descendant of the Kamikawa family, tell us stories of the Kamikawa Ainu. We will learn about the culture and traditions of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido. It is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our upcoming trip such at Mt.Asahidake and Mt.Arashiyama.

After lunch in Toma, a local guide will lead us to the darkness of an ancient limestone cave. Equipped with headlights, we will explore this mysterious space that has been formed during the Jurassic period, 180 million years ago. We will learn about the discovering of this cave and the slow natural process of its formation.

After explore local limestone cave, we will drive up to Asahidake Onsen in the Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan. Asahidake Onsen is one of the popular Onsen resort. Relax and enjoy the Onsen stay.


Yumoto Yukomanso / Onsen spa

Included meals

Breakfast at Hotel, Lunch, Dinner at Onsen Ryokan (Japanese Kaiseki)


Snowshoeing about the Fumarole at Mt.Asahidake

After enjoying a homemade Japanese style breakfast at ryokan, we will ride a cable car to Sugatami Station (1,600m / 5,294ft above sea level) on the foothills of Mt. Asahidake. We will put on our snowshoes and start hiking to the fumaroles. Mt. Asahidake, located in the National Park, is an active volcano that is said to have been formed about one million year ago. During the snow season, steam rises from several fumaroles, and we will truly feel the Earth activity !

We will taste Ezo-deer meat at a local restaurant in Higashikawa, running by a hunter. She will share with us the current situation regarding the increasing number of deer being an issue for agriculture and we will have the opportunity to think about the ecosystem of Hokkaido.

Then, we will travel to the nearby town, Biei, known for its beautiful patchwork hills and blue pond. In winter, we will be surrounded by a pure white landscape covered with snow. We will visit a local museum to learn about how local people have lived in harmony with volcanos. In the evening, we will stay at the small Shirogane Onsen, in the south of the Daisetsuzan National Park. At night, we will enjoy the illumination of Shirahige Waterfall.


Daisetsuzan Shirogane Kanko Hotel / Onsen Spa

Included meals

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner in Hotel


Snowshoeing tour to the Biei Blue River

This morning, we will put on our snowshoes and walk to the Biei River through the lovely forest of birch and spruce that surrounds Shirogane Onsen. Biei River is famous for its beautiful blue color. It is said that water flowing from the Tokachi mountain range has a lot of sulfur in it, which give it this amazing cobalt color. We will enjoy a beautiful landscape with the contrast between the white snow and the blue river. After being healed by the beautiful nature, we will have lunch at a local restaurant in Biei before traveling back to Asahikawa.

In the late evening, we will enjoy last dinner at a local restaurant in the center of Asahikawa to celebrate the completion of our tour in advance.


Hotel WBF Grande Asahikawa / Onsen Spa

Included meals

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner in a local restaurant


Snowshoeing Tour at Mt. Arashiyama and End of the Tour at Asahikawa

The last activity of our trip is snowshoeing tour at Mt. Arashiyama, located in the downtown of Asahikawa. Mt. Arashiyama was once a sacred place that connected humans with the gods, which the Kamikawa Ainu worshipped as “Chi-nomi-siri” (We, Pray, Mountain). At the summit (254m/830ft), we will enjoy a panoramic view of Asahikawa city.

After going down the mountain, the tour will wrap up at Asahikawa Station. From there, we can either take a train to Sapporo or the airport shuttle bus to Asahikawa Airport.

Included meals



Area Facility Type Room Type Onsen / Spa WiFi
1 Asahikawa Hotel Private room with ensuite Spa WiFi
2 Higashikawa Onsen Ryokan Private room with ensuite Onsen Spa WiFi
3 Biei Onsen Hotel Private room with ensuite Onsen Spa WiFi
4 Asahikawa Hotel Private room with ensuite Onsen Spa WiFi

Tour Operator / Contact

Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc.


9F Daito Bldg, 8-1, South 2 East 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan


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We are Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel (HTIT), an award-winning team of creators of unique, perfectly tailored Hokkaido travel experiences. HTIT Team is deeply rooted in Hokkaido, North Japan. In 2004, HTIT started its journey as a pioneer of a new style of adventure travel by sharing the treasures of Hokkaido. We are constantly opening new doors and making local destinations previously inaccessible for travelers available all over Hokkaido. We provide a compelling combination of personal and professional travel advice, knowledge beyond that of the guidebook insider, and behind the scenes access to places and authentic local experiences generally not available for the public. Our mission is to create for you a journey of a lifetime, every time you travel with us.

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