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Miraculous Nature-Wildlife observation
in East Hokkaido with Master Guide





  • JPY 228,000

  • Min. 6, Max. 10

  • Wildlife

    Wildlife Observation

  • Go on a nature tour with Hokkaido Master Guide Mr. Makoto Ando.
  • Enjoy birdwatching in Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary.
  • High quality observation experience with Swarovski optik scopes and TSL Snowshoes.
  • Enjoy Hokkaido vegetables, cheese, seafood with the philosophy of Slow Food.

East Hokkaido is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido and can be divided into four areas, Okhotsk, Nemuro , Kushiro and Tokachi . This is one of the few places in Japan where prehistoric nature is still alive.


If you’re interested in Wildlife observation, this extraordinary tour definitely will be an excellent choice! Kushiro Marshland in East Hokkaido is a beguiling natural landscape.

In winter, it‘s a home of various large seabirds. You can get up close to wild animals such as Steller’s sea eagle, Ural Owl and the graceful Japanese red cranes. Hokkaido Certified Outdoor Guide Mr. Makoto Ando will show you magnificent nature and explain its important role for humans and for nature. You will served with great care and delicious Japanese home cooked meal at the lodge. It’s a great chance to get to know a local about the excitement of the trip and will make your stay an extraordinary experience.



Gathering at Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind

Welcome to Hokkaido! On your arrival in Kushiro Airport at 1pm, we warmly greet you at
the airport will depart to “Hickory Wind “.
Let’s do an introduction of your guides before the tour starts.
Hickory Wind a lodge run by Mr. Makoto Ando and Mrs.
Shinobu Ando. The lodge is like a
home for this trip and all breakfasts and dinners will be served here.
Mr. Ando is a nature guide who has been sharing the stories of wildlife in East Hokkaido
with people for over 20 years. He is well versed in wildlife, natural ecology and the history
and culture of the region. With his years of experience, he is able to recognize the
preferences of each tourists and provide the best nature experience for you. He is also a
professional photographer who has won awards in world photography contests. If you
want to take high level photos, despite having a professional camera or smartphone, just
ask him for advice during your trip.
And the other guide is Ms. Kana Yamada. She learned the knowledge of Hokkaido’s nature
and guiding from Mr. Ando. She will guide you and ensure that you enjoy this trip.
Before dinner,
Mr. Ando will give a slide show and team building gather to make everyone
know each other better. You will have such a memorable time at Wilderness lodge Hickory


Japanese Red Crane Observation and snowshoeing

We will l
eave the lodge at 6:00 a.m. to The Setsuri river.
Setsuri River does not freeze over in winter, and the area becomes a precious roosting
place for Japanese red cranes. In early winter morning, Mr. Ando will guide you to the
special secret spot where you can see the cranes roosting together and moving slowly on
the riverbed. Also you can enjoy the beautiful pink light with the steaming river.


Enjoy birdwatching in Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary

We will leave the lodge at 6:30 a.m. to Nemuro. After 2 hours driving, we will arrive in

Nemuro City where you will have birdwatching.

Shunkunitai is known as a wild animal paradise. It is surrounded by the water and has various natural habitats therefore various species of birds, animals, insects and plants can live here, which you might encounter as well as Japanese red cranes, Swans, Steller’s sea eagles and White-tailed Eagles in Shunkunitai by using the high quality Swarovski optik scopes.


Four seasons of East Hokkaido

It is the last day of this tour. Japanese congee breakfast with natural ingredients will be served at the lodge.

After breakfast, Mr. Ando will introduce wildlife and scenery that can only be seen in other seasons through photographs and video in the wilderness of East Hokkaido, which shows the varying expressions of the four seasons.

We will drive you to Kushiro Airport. Hope to see you soon on your next trip!

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