The Official Hokkaido Adventure Travel Guide

Hiking through the Historical Transition
from “Coalmine” to “Tourism” of Yubari City





  • 1 day

  • Min. 15, Max. 20

  • Hiking


  • Hike up Mount Racey and get a bird’s eye view of the Yubari City
  • Visit the Yubari Coalmine Museum and learn about the history of coalmine industry
  • Enjoy tasting a sip of juice from Yubari melon
  • Try a hands-on activity using Yubari melon fruits juice
  • Enjoy a bento box lunch with local traditional dish

Central Hokkaido Yubari City


Scenery of Mt. Racey


Hiking Mt. Racey


During the flower season, you will meet some beautiful flowers along the way


Inside the Coalmine Museum


Ever since coalmines were found in the early 1910s, the City of Yubari has developed as a city of coalmines. Even though developed as in industrial city, the people of Yubari kept its nature primitive until today.

As thermal energy grew, the population of the city became its peak with over 100,000 people. Unfortunately, because of the change of energy type occurred, thermal energy became weak energy. Since coalmines were the major industry in Yubari City, they had a difficult time and ended up facing a financial collapse. Nowadays, to reconstruct the financial problem and people’s energy, Yubari City is focusing on tourism along with the production of nationally famous “Yubari Melon”.

In this tour, we will hike up the mountain that had been looking over Yubari City for a long period of time and learn about this change in history, from coalmines to tourism of Yubari City.



We will meet an English Speaking Guide at Sapporo Station. A chartered coach will be waiting for us there. The bus ride to Yubari City will be about an hour and a half.


An activity guide will be waiting for us at the foothills of Mount Racey. We will go on a good 2 hour hike up Mount Racey.


We will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.


After lunch, we will visit the Yubari Coalmine Museum. Here, we will be able to actually see the tools used in the past and learn about not just the history of coalmines, but people’s everyday living during the days.


Our last activity is learning about the present industry supporting Yubari City – Yubari melon. We will be able to take a sip of fresh juice of Yubari melon and an easy hands on activity using fresh juice from Yubari melon to taste as a dessert.


We will return to Sapporo Station around this time.


Lunch will be at a local restaurant in Yubari City. Our lunch for this day will be “Curry Soba”. Curry is not the Indian curry, but a local old style dish that has been passed on through families for many years. Japanese curry usually has potatoes, carrots, beef or pork and onions.

Tour Operator / Contact

Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido


5F Nippon Travel Agency Sapporo Bldg., South 1 West 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0061 Japan

Contact Person

Takahiro Murayama (MR) / Kasumi Katie Yamazaki (MS)


+81 (0)11-208-0182


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