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Rafting in Shiribetsu River, Niseko





  • 1 day

  • Min. 15, Max. 24

  • Highlight 1 Precious Rafting: comfortable and accessible to most anyone, a little bit challenging but at the same time can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounded.
  • Highlight 2 Aerial Tree Trekking: it features a variety of forest based adventure activities for all ages. Ziplines, Aerial Game Trek, Discovery Ecosystem Courses and Treewalk Village would lead you to the endless fun inside the forest.
  • Highlight 3 Communicate with local people to learn about agriculture and the history of Niseko.

Hokkaido Niseko & Shiribetsu River


Aerial Tree Trekking


Aerial Tree Trekking


Shiribetsu River


River Rafting


Shiribetsu River is one of the cleanest river in the world, it surrounded by peaceful nature where it links the agriculture and their precious history altogether from ancient times until nowadays!

In this trip, people would have a unique experience to enjoy a moment of silence, to know the importance of sustainable materials and to explore the possibilities from the Porto forest.

By participating in these out of ordinary activities (rafting, aerial tree trekking and story telling from Ainu), surely will bring an unforgettable memories to everyone for choosing to travel in Niseko!


Niseko Hanazono Resort

You will have around 1.5 hours Aerial tree trekking. You can enjoy the mountains view from the tree tops and surround yourself with nature to travelling on the zip line or down the vertical drop. Through the experience, you can learn about ecology, local wildlife and the relationship between the local community and nature.

Shiribetsu River Rafting

It will start from Kutchancho Nakano Bridge and ends at Kutchancho Yotei Bridge.

Niseko boasts plenty of rivers and lakes within a short distance to play in and the most popular outdoor activity. Jump into a rubber boat and challenge yourself to a trip down one of Hokkaido’s most beautiful rivers, the Shiribetsu river.  Enjoy the spectacular display from the river of changing colors to the lush landscape as you gently drift your way down the Shiribetsu River and excitement of rafting on whitewater.



A variety dishes with local ingredients such as Rankoshi Rice and vegetables, potatoes grown in Kutchancho, Hokkaido. Rankoshi Rice grown in the fertile soil of the Shiribetsu River basin and the natural mineral-rich limpid streams that spring up from the Niseko.

An example of vegetarian menu: Multigrain rice, Rice with Tofu and vegetable sauce, and Oden (Oden is a kind of Japanese stew consisting of several ingredients such Japanese white radish, boiled egg, konjac).

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