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Winter Experience Ainu Cultural In Nibutani Biratori





  • 1day

  • Min.15, Max.24

  • Ainu Cultural Experiences at Nibutani
  • Hiking at Kankan swamp to see how Ainu culture coexists with nature
  • Enjoy the traditional Ainu cuisine and traditional Crafts making

Nibutani, Biratori


For anyone with an interest in the Ainu culture of Northern Japan ,Nibutani is one of the best place to know about Hokkaido’s aboriginal Ainu people.

It hosts an active and hospitable Ainu community still remain strong today. You will have a chance to experience the vibrant history of the Ainu through the  artifacts that are related to their way of life from hunting, agriculture, cuisine, art and spirituality.

Through these experiences to  explore the beautiful spiritual world of the Ainu people and woven by the history of their culture and artisanship.


Experience Ainu Cultural & Hiking At KanKan swamp

Welcome to Hokkaido, You will be greeted by our tour guide in the JR Sapporo station (8:00am)  and  then transferred to our destination Nibutani  by private coach.

After a 1.5 hours drive, we will arrived Nibutani KanKan swamp. Your  English-speaking Ainu guide will greet you at here and start the Ainu Cultural tour.

The Ainu embrace the belief of being respectful of nature and exploiting her many resources, so they have a very close relationship with rivers, mountains and lakes.

In Nibutani you can experience the vibrant history of the Ainu through exhibitions that explore all aspects of Ainu culture, from hunting and food practices and artisanship. Also Ainu culture museum will show you more about the Ainu history and culture such as the ceremonies such as praying to the gods, the restoration of cise, traditional Ainu dances and handicraft techniques. Through these  experiences , you can learn the knowledge and the viewpoint of Ainu are constructed by interactions between people and the environment.

We will have a 2.5 hours Forest hike and  Ainu culture Experience (cise, archery making)at KanKan swamp. It is an easy entry-level hike that anyone from children to elderly people can enjoy.

You can enjoy the nature walks in the forest , and take a walk while looking at the traces  of Ainu and encounter Ainu culture in the tranquil forest of KanKan swamp  . Surrounded by primeval forest , you can get to know more about the Ainu people and learn Ainu livelihood by hunting techniques.

After lunch , we will have Traditional Ainu Dance and  bracelet making experience at Ainu traditional house”cise”.

The Ainu people consider themselves as part of the nature. They regard things that exist in the world such as animals, plants, water, and even diseases as Kamui, or the gods, and Kamui and humans live together by supporting each other. Therefore, when the Ainu people dance, they express their feelings of joy and sorrow to share them with the gods.

Before returning to Sapporo, we will take a 30mins Coffee Break and serving a cup of coffee made from 100% sap of Itaya maple.

A private coach will be waiting for you in Shiraoi Town to take you to Sapporo City (Arrival Scheduled at 6:00pm) as the day ends. We hope that you enjoy the trip, and we are delighted to see you again.


Traditional Ainu cuisine at Forest of KanKan swamp

Ainu cuisine is the cuisine of the ethnic Ainu in Japan. The cuisine differs remarkedly  from that of the majority Yamato people of Japan. Raw meat like sashimi, for  example, is rarely served in Ainu cuisine, which instead uses methods such as  boiling, roasting and curing to prepare meat.


Ohaw(soup), Sito (dumplings), and other dishes using with local ingredients

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