The Official Hokkaido Adventure Travel Guide


Abashiri, Okhotsk, the northern part of Hokkaido, is well known for its harmony with rich nature. This area is a paradise for the visitors who love delicious local food and exciting adventures.

Since its close location to three national parks, Shiretoko known as the World Natural Heritage Site, Akan-Mashu, Daisetsuzan, the city of Abashiri attracts lots of tourists every year thanks to its rich nature and plays a central part of the Abashiri Quasi-National Park. Abashiri also offers the natural habitats for wildlife including White-tailed Sea Eagles and Steller’s Sea Eagles.
Native northern people used to live here about 1300 years ago because of its good location for fishing and farming. People have been enjoying delicious seafood such as salmon, crabs, scallops, and fresh agricultural produce, such as wheat, vegetables, and dairy products.
You can enjoy excellent cuisine here with fresh ingredients from salmon farming and organic vegetables locally grown in cold climate here.
We can offer you wonderful adventure tours here, for example cycling, kayaking in the lake during the green season and kayaking close to drift ice in the Okhotsk Sea, snowshoeing viewing ice fall at the Cape Notoro, ice fishing, fat biking in winter season.
We try to combine great food here and a variety of hands-on activities.
Please come and enjoy it!

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