The Official Hokkaido Adventure Travel Guide


A town that lives on groundwater

Higashikawa is located almost in the center of Hokkaido, and the eastern part is mountainous and forms a large forest area. Asahidake (2,291m), the highest peak of the Daisetsuzan mountain range, which is said to be the peak of Hokkaido, is located in the Higashikawa area.

Adjacent to Asahikawa City, the second largest city in Hokkaido, the current population is about 8,400, but there have been many immigrants in the past few years, and the population is increasing year by year.

There is no water supply system, people live on groundwater, and in a place where rice is thriving, not only is the delicious rice grown in good quality water, but other vegetables, processed products, and restaurants are also supplied with snowmelt water from the Daisetsu Mountains.

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