The Official Hokkaido Adventure Travel Guide


Mysterious Nature and Rich Food Culture

Kushiro City is located on the Pacific Ocean coast of eastern Hokkaido and provides easy access to two national parks. Kushiro Shitsugen National Park is renowned as the Japan’s largest wetland and is also listed under the Ramsar Convention. The vast untouched area is home to over 2,000 species of wildlife that include red-crowned crane which fascinate people with their elegant courtship dances.

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Akan Mashu National Park

Akan Mashu National Park comprises dynamic volcanoes, various fantastic lakes and primeval forests and offers a wide range of hot spring bathing opportunity. The city is also well-known for “Ainu Kotan”, the Hokkaido’s largest community of Indigenous Ainu people.


Ainu Culture

They believe that the gods habitat everything such as mountains, forests, etc. and have developed very unique culture such as traditional dance, woodcarving, and embroidery with distinctive designs. Offering the world class natural environment and unparalleled tourist attractions such as Ainu culture, Lake Akan’s marimo or lake algae, we aim to provide sustainable tourism that remind you of the value of co-existing with nature.