The Official Hokkaido Adventure Travel Guide


The Core City of Nakasorachi, surrounded by lush greenery and rich in nature

Takikawa City is located near the center of Hokkaido. It lies between Sapporo (the economic center of Hokkaido) and Asahikawa (the second largest city in Hokkaido). Settled along the Ishikari river (one of Japan’s 3 major rivers), roughly 60% of the city is surrounded by the rich greenery of forests and farmland. Takikawa’s inland climate has a significant temperature range between summer and winter, and the city is in one of the heaviest snowfall areas in Hokkaido. Takikawa’s name comes from the Ainu word “sorappuchi”, literally meaning “the place where the waterfall descends”. Takikawa City is also the birthplace of seasoned Jingisukan, a local delicacy. Along with Jingisukan, it is also famous for its duck. Many delicious dishes made from duck meat can be enjoyed at various locations in the city.

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