A Merry-Go-Round of Flavor at TORITON – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Many people visit Hokkaido for its fresh seafood and sushi. While seafood may have the perception of being on the expensive side, the average traveler doesn’t necessarily have to visit an extravagant restaurant for top-quality sushi. Conveyor belt sushi restaurants offer superb products as well, and many locals swear by their quality. Conveyor belt sushi restaurant TORITON, which can be found in various locations around Hokkaido, has unique offerings like zuke (a rice dish of soy sauce marinated fish) and aburi (a piece of sushi that is lightly seared with a torch). The skilled chefs who craft these dishes carefully cultivate flavors that specifically complement the catch-of-the-day, tweaking their recipes to present customers with plates of perfection. Many locals choose TORITON as their go-to sushi place, so you know you’re definitely in for a treat!


8-2-7-13 Fushiko, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido