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Rather than focusing on luxury hotels, here we introduce reasonably priced hotels that offer a memorable experience for those wanting to enjoy the interaction with locals and other travelers in a cozier setting. One such location is Guesthouse & Bar SappoLodge, an inn whose owner is active as a guide for outdoor activities, where visitors can get various information about the surrounding area, from spots to enjoy during the day to places where the real charm of Sapporo nightlife can be experienced. Other examples include Unwind Hotel & Bar Sapporo, which offers the extraordinary feeling of staying in a lodge while in the city center, and Ten to Ten Sapporo Station, where travelers from all over the world gather. More daring travelers might even decide to rent a campervan at Do Camper and take a trip around Hokkaido. Choosing which of Sapporo’s countless attractive areas to go to maybe a difficult task, but by paying special attention to which hotel you stay in, the memories of your trip will certainly be exceptional.


Morihico, which operates a number of popular coffee shops, mainly in Sapporo, is a leader of the Hokkaido coffee culture. The hotel run by Morihico in Sapporo is Hotel Potmum Stay & Coffee. The entire building has been renovated, and the first floor has been turned into a cafe where even non-guests can relax. The hotel is a highly designed space, offering dormitories as well as private rooms with kitchens. Enjoying a hand-drip coffee at breakfast in the cafe is a delightful experience. Hotel Potmum Stay & Coffeea place frequented by localsis a spot you’ll want to visit even if not staying the night.

1-3-17, Kikusui 1, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Unwind Hotel & Bar Sapporo

Unwind Hotel & Bar Sapporo is a boutique hotel that, while offering an extraordinary lodge-like setting, makes visitors feel at home with its relaxing atmosphere. The lobby is designed around bricks and wood, and at check-in, guests can enjoy an original blend of coffee served in front of a wood-burning stove. Bar Ignis within the hotel is a calming space illuminated by candlelight, with antique furniture surrounding a fireplace. It is recommended to visit during the relaxing time before bed. In addition, breakfast can be ordered as room service in each of the rooms, offering the precious experience of seemingly unwinding in a country cottage while in fact staying in the big city.

289-111, S8 W5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Do Camper

There are many spots in Hokkaido where travelers can sleep inside their cars, including at roadside stations. How about renting a campervan and traveling through the areas surrounding New Chitose Airport? At Do Camper, in addition to campervans with their own kitchens, outdoor goods such as barbecue grills can also be rented. For a three-day, two-night trip, staying at campsites in locations such as Lake Toya and Niseko is recommended. For those who can stay for more than a week, a journey around the whole of Hokkaido is an excellent idea.

6-9-20, Fukuzumi 3, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Ten to Ten Sapporo Station

A six-minute walk from Sapporo Station, in a sought-after location near Hokkaido University, is guesthouse Ten to Ten Sapporo Station, where local and international travelers gather. The relatively large guesthouse has dormitories, double rooms, and Japanese-style rooms, and there is also a female-only dormitory, offering peace of mind for all visitors. Many events that attract locals are held at the venue, with the space even being used as a running station on one occasion, so unexpected and interesting encounters surely await visitors to the guest house.

3-4, N6 W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Guesthouse & Bar SappoLodge

Guesthouse & Bar SappoLodge in Susukino, Hokkaido’s number one entertainment district, is a space reminiscent of a mountain lodge that, once you step foot inside, is impossible to imagine lies in the middle of a big city. This hotel, run by a professional outdoor guide who knows all about the nature of Hokkaido, is characterized by offering guests the chance to participate in outdoor tours, such as mountain climbing and backcountry activities, which depart directly from the inn. The first floor, which is designed as an izakaya/dining bar, is a place where you can interact with locals as well as with travelers from all over the world. This inn is perfect for voracious travelers who want to enjoy the city’s nightlife, with its drinking and clubs, as well as the great outdoors.

1-4, S5 E1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


Untapped Hostel is a renovated hotel located next to Sapporo Station and right next to Kitajuhachijo Station. On the first floor, there is an izakayaGohanya Haruyathat was initially opened in Maruyama and is a popular restaurant often visited by locals. In addition to a dormitory, the accommodation space from the second floor up has private rooms, balconies, and a shared kitchen, all with an antique and cozy atmosphere. There is also an annex, renovated from a private house, which can be rented as a whole. The annex has three rooms that can accommodate a total of 13 people, and the building has the atmosphere of an old folk house. Additionally, the hotel offers car-sharing and bicycle rental services. For those wishing to experience what it’s really like living in Sapporo, this hotel is especially recommended.

1-8, N18 W4, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


While it is convenient to travel around Sapporo by train or bus, cycling around the city offers an altogether different experience. With its wide sidewalks and roads making bike-riding an easy activity, Sapporo has many spots where visitors can enjoy nature, such as Odori Park, so combining a bicycle with the train as a means of transportation is a recommended option. Using the cycle-sharing service Porocle, rented bikes can be dropped off at any Porocle port, and even electric bikes can be borrowed. When using the bikes for a day of sightseeing, the one-day pass is recommended. The pass can be purchased online using a credit card. You can also purchase an IC card-style one-day pass using cash at hotels or tourist information centers. For those who understand Japanese, we recommend registering online. Once registered, conveniently, this membership can be used in other cities in Japan, such as Tokyo.


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