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Easily accessible from Asahikawa Airport in Northern
Hokkaido, an excursion towards Furano and its surroundings is sure to be the relaxing distraction you need from your busy daily life. In this region, you can truly become one with nature, enjoying spectacular vistas, a cavalcade of colors as well as the stunning scene of a flawlessly clear night sky. Add to that a myriad of hot springs, great local food as well as some truly memorable accommodations, and we guarantee that a voyage to this region of Hokkaido will refresh your mind and body. Enjoy our best selections below!

Furano Jam Garden

Our first stop is the Furano Jam Garden  from Kyohsai Farm, which is located deep in the woods of Rokugou Village, though at only 20 kilometers away still accessible from Furano’s city center. Founded in 1974, this place is all about jam, whether you want to eat it on site, try yourself at making it or simply buy some to bring home. The jam is, quite simply, a delicacy. Using no additives such as preservatives, artificial flavoring, or food coloring, the spread truly brings out the best out of the ingredients, all of which are grown locally and thus authentically reflect the region. As a bonus, the whole facility is located amidst a backdrop of spectacular nature, which is best enjoyed in summertime. Indeed, there is even an on-site viewing platform, from where you can enjoy the vibrant colors of Hokkaido’s quintessential summer flowers,which include lavender, poppies, and sunflowers. The view here has even been recognized as one of the 100 selections of Beautiful Japanese Village Landscape ”.

3 Furano, Higashirokugo,

Farms Chiyoda

Farms Chiyoda, which self describes itself as featuring an “uncanny pasture”, is a farm located about a 20-minute drive from Asahikawa Airport
. Here, you can indulge in some of the best wagyu Hokkaido has to offer, the so-called “Bieigyu” (literally beef from Biei). At the on-site restaurant, you will be wowed by a variety of cuts, served together with the freshest local produce. The local favorite here is the sirloin steak, a cut which is said to channel the trademark umami hidden in the Japanese Black cattle’s marbling. You can’t get more farm-to-table than at Farms Chiyoda, and if you are a beef lover, you won’t regret making the trip. To top it all off, there is also a separate little shop serving dairy products made at the farm as well – perfect if you want to enjoy a soft serve for dessert.

4221 kasugadai Biei, Kamikawa District,

Ishitei Furano

Ishitei Furano is a truly special accommodation. Located a stone’s throw away from Furano Station, the first thing you will notice when arriving is the distinctively black-painted Japanese cedar exterior, putting a modern elegant spin on a classic Japanese structure. This theme of marrying modernity with traditional Japanese aesthetic is present throughout the hotel, though there are also some Western influences, for example through the modern Italian furniture in every room. Overall, the concept here is to deliver a space that feels “lived in”, which is pronounced even further through a small garden featuring a Japanese Maple in each guestroom. If you want a uniquely Japanese, uniquely Hokkaido accommodation experience at a location ideal for exploring the many treasures of the area, we can only give our hearty stamp of approval to Ishitei Furano. You will not be disappointed!

5-1 Hinodecho, Furanoshi,

Highland Furano

Located just 15 minutes by car from Furano Station, Highland Furano is one of our favorite hotels in the regions. Featuring a myriad of offerings, including outdoor hot spring baths, on-site barbeque, numerous restaurants offering Japanese and international cuisine and various paths and trails to explore the nearby nature, you will definitely not be bored if you make it out for a visit. The absolute highlight here is the bright purple of the lavender in full bloom at the on-site “Lavender Sea” (generally in full bloom in July
). For a thorough pampering, you can enjoy the view of the flowers while soaking in the aforementioned hot spring, as it is built to include panoramic lavender views. Pro tip: top it off with a visit to the jacuzzi or sauna to complete your spa experience!

Shimanoshita, Furano-shi,

Kamikongouzan Observation Deck

The Ashibetsu region is renowned throughout Japan for having an exceptional clear view of the night sky, attracting stargazing enthusiasts and novices alike. Indeed, it is said that you can simply lie down on the ground anywhere in this region and enjoy the view of the stars. However, if you want the perfect spot, we recommend Kamikongouzan Observation Deck. Accessible by car from Ashibetsu’s city center, the geographical disposition of the deck makes for a perfect view of both the region and the stars above. Whether you are the type to bring your own telescope or simply want to be wowed by enchanting lights of the stars overtop Hokkaido’s grand nature, this observation deck is a can’t miss stargazing spot in the region. Just be careful when driving up the mountain road, as there are no streetlights meaning that the road will be pitch-black.

315 Asahimachi, Ashibetsu City

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