A Restaurant with Seasonal Delicacies Straight from the Port! – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

At this restaurant, managed directly by the Fisheries Cooperative, you can enjoy uni (sea urchin), hokke (atka mackerel) and other delicacies from the seas around Rebun Island, all at reasonable prices. Enjoy freshly-grilled seafood at the charcoal-grilling counter as well as sashimi, ramen, curry, and teishoku (set meals): a broad menu suitable for the whole family. Be sure to look out of the large windows inside the restaurant where you can watch the fishing cooperative arrive with the very catch served in the restaurant, along with the magnificent Mount Rishiri providing a scenic backdrop to your meal.

Kafuka Seafood Restaurant

558-1 Tonnai, Kafukamura, Oaza, Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun, Hokkaido