A Symbol of Prosperity: The Hanada Banya Fisherman’s House – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

From 1868 to 1950, the coasts along the Sea of Japan made herring fishers wealthy and prosperous. Fishing facilities sprung up all over Hokkaido, making the northern island a profitable place to run a small business. Of all the old facilities that still remain today, the former Hanada Banya Fisherman’s House is the largest. In its heyday, the establishment employed over 200 fishermen. While the house now stands only as a relic of the past, the nearby roadside station is open all year and offers a host of local produce and marine products for locals and visitors.


The Hanada Banya Fisherman’s House

35-2 Onishikahirotomi, Obira-chou, Rumoi-gun, Hokkaido