Abuta Shrine: A Prominent Hokkaido Power Spot – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Abuta Shrine in Toyako is known as one of Hokkaido’s prominent power spots. The shrine is situated along a ley line, which are supernatural lines drawn between historic structures and prominent landmarks that are said to demarcate special earth energies. The shrine is said to share a ley line with Hokkaido’s three most prominent mountains: Mt. Rishiri, Mt. Yotei, and Mt. Komagatake. This same ley line extends all the way to Japan’s most sacred mountain, Mt. Fuji. Spiritual visitors will know that these ley lines are called ryumyaku (dragon’s veins) in Feng Shui. Nearby Lake Toya is also thought to be a power spot and holds the incredible energy of a volcano. Spiritualists call this power ryuketsu (dragon hole) in Feng Shui.

Abuta Shrine

54 Aobacho, Toyako, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido