Admire a Wonderland of Flowers on a Private Tour – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

In summer, Kiritappu is a treasure trove of wildflowers, making it an ideal location for a flower-focused tour. A variety of flowers take turns being the star of the show, with fields of tussock cottongrass, purple bristle-pointed iris, yellow zenteika, wine-red Japanese water iris, pink Hosta rectifolia, white panicled hydrangea, blue-violet Lobelia sessilifolia, and more each having their moment to shine. At the cape, alpine plants such as swamp cranberry and Korean crowberry take center stage as the calls of seagulls fill the air around you. Flit from bloom to bloom like a butterfly while enjoying the profusion of flowers provided by the fields of Kiritappu.


126 Poroto, Hamanaka, Akkeshi-Gun, Hokkaido