Admire the Beauty of Hokkaido from Kaiyodai Observatory – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

From Kayodai Observatory in Nakashibetsu, enjoy the sights of cows grazing on hilly pastures, the quaint pastoral landscapes of stables and farmhouses, and pencil-straight roads continuing long past the horizon and toward the distant Sea of Okhotsk (which separates Japan from Russia). The amazing and vast panoramic view from the observation deck gives you a first-hand chance to contemplate the enormity of our planet. The plains shine brightly in the summer days, while the night sky offers a star-flecked treat. At 270-meters high, the viewpoint gives you a unique vantage point to take in the wilds of rural Japan at their most awe-inspiring and scenic.

Kaiyodai Observatory

Mataochi, Nakashibetsu, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido