Akan International Crane Center [GRUS]: Marvel at the Rare and Beautiful Red-Crowned Cranes – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Akan International Crane Center is the only facility in Japan specializing in the research and protection of red-crown cranes (Tancho in Japanese). These culturally significant birds were saved from extinction in the 1950s by farmers in the Akan area who fed them crops through the harsh winters. In the facility itself, check out the exhibitions which explain the cranes’ ecosystem. On the adjacent wetlands, be sure to watch these majestic birds outdoors under close-to-natural conditions. Between November and March, over 300 red-crowned cranes gather in the feeding area in front of the neighboring Tancho Observation Center. Don’t miss the rare chance to see these stunning birds flying over the snow-covered landscape!

Akan International Crane Center [GRUS]

40 Akancho Kamiakan, Kushiro, Hokkaido