An Open-Air Bath Under the Starry Skies With Free-Flowing Natural Spring Water – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This hot spring inn is quietly nestled in the middle of the Tokachidake mountain range, overlooking the Furano basin. The vast virgin forest of Sakhalin spruce surrounds the inn. While here, you can enjoy Japan’s earliest Fall foliage of the year in the Autumn and the diamond-like dust created by the snow in the Winter months. After nightfall, you can also enjoy stars shining in the sky like a myriad of fairy lights, and if you are lucky, you may encounter an ezo red fox in the parking lot. If the conditions are right, visitors will awaken to find a sea of clouds right before their eyes in the early morning. The hot spring itself is comprised of a large public bath with 100% free-flowing natural spring water. A pleasant woody scent permeates the bathing area, thanks to the tub made of Japanese yew. The hot spring also does not discriminate against people with tattoos, allowing international guests who have tattoos to enjoy the hot waters along with other guests.

Tokachidake Onsen Kamihorosou

Tokachidake onsen, Kamifurano, Sorachi, Hokkaido