ARtINn Gokukan Art Infection Machine: Art, Accommodation, and Hot Springs All Under One Roof – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Stay in a hotel where every room is an art installation! ArtINn Gokukan Art Infection Machine, a refurbished hot spring inn, is perfect for those looking for a truly unique getaway in the Kawayu Onsen area. Conceived by artist Yoshiaki Imai, the lounge, guest rooms, and even the outdoor bath are all decorated with contemporary art by artists from around the world. Melding the healing powers of a rare self-flowing hot spring and inspirational contemporary art makes for an immersive wellness experience that is unforgettable!

ArtINn Gokukan Art Infection Machine

3-2-40 Kawayu Onsen Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido