Artisanal Sushi Circling Round and Round: Gourmet Conveyor Belt Sushi – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Founded in Hakodate, this conveyor-belt sushi restaurant is known for its flavor. While the majority of seafood served is sourced from Hakodate and Hokkaido, the rest has been carefully selected from all over Japan. This restaurant has a reputation for pairing larger slices of fish with smaller pieces of rice, ensuring that each mouthful is an opportunity to savor the fish’s flavor. If you are planning a longer stay in the area, be sure to check their recommended menu items as they change daily according to the catch of the day. The pickled mackerel comes highly recommended as its preparation is undertaken with great care. Visit for a taste of delicious, artisan-made sushi!

Kantaro Ugaura Shop: Gourmet Conveyor Belt Sushi

14-4 Ugaura-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido