Asahikawa Airport: Your Gateway for Trips to the North – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Asahikawa Airport is convenient for both international and domestic flights. The food court area, called Soraichi, also offers delicious and well-priced meals.


Asahikawa Ramen Baikoken is a long-standing ramen shop loved in its local Asahikawa since its establishment in 1969. The combination of pork, chicken, and seafood broth is said to have originated in Asahikawa and goes perfectly with their medium-fine noodles. Their signature dish is the shoyu ramen . Be sure to try the tender pork chashu and crispy thick bamboo shoots! If you’re more in the mood for curry, why not try “No-ca-ya,” an authentic spice curry store directly operated by a farmer in Asahikawa. They offer four types of curry, including the kumquat-eggplant keema curry and original vegetable and soybean curry. If grilled meat is on your pre-flight ideal menu, hit up Teppanyaki Asato, a restaurant directly operated by a meat processing company that serves meat dishes on an iron grill. The restaurant’s signature dishes include Asato Hokkaido beef horumonyaki and the famous original fried pork.



Teppanyaki Asato


MILK STAND esperio is a restaurant branch, from east Asahikawa. Don’t miss their delectable croissants which are made with Hokkaido wheat and fermented butter from Okube Town and baked daily in the store! They taste even better with milk from Okube. Their soft-serve ice cream is also popular. For your sweet tooth, turn to Ichikyo Daifukudo, a long-running mochi shop in Asahikawa. Their daifuku rice cakes , including the black soybean daifuku that are made in the mornings, have a wonderful bean paste to mochi ratio. Their chocolate warabi mochi is also a must-try!

MILK STAND esperio

Ichikyo Daifukudo


The AKJ GALLERY sells and exhibits crafts made in Hokkaido, primarily from Asahikawa. They handle wooden crafts, folk wood carvings, leather goods, blown glass, porcelain, accessories, and more. Stop by to grab an unforgettable souvenir!


The charm of Hokkaido lies in its magnificent landscape and nature. After arriving at the airport, make full use of the various trains and busses or a rental car to get the most out of your trip.

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