Bansei Onsen – Bathe in an Iodine Hot Spring, One of the Few in the World, While Gazing Out at the Ocean – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Hot-spring facility by the ocean. The iodine spring water, with its large amount of iodine, is unusual even on a worldwide scale. It also has antibacterial effects and makes you less likely to catch a chill once you get out. From the bath, you’ll be able to gaze out at the ocean scenery, which changes according to the seasons. The cafeteria serves a variety of dishes, including rice bowls like the Taiki Cheese & Salmon Rice Bowl, which consists of cheese and salmon tempura on rice; set meals; ramen; and more.

Bansei Onsen

2, Bansei, Taiki-cho, Hiro-gun, Hokkaido