Beyond the Lavender Blossoms: A Panoramic View of Sapporo – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

From the Sato-Hiromi Pass Lookout, visitors can see an incredible view of Sapporo sprawl out before them. Only a short 20 minutes by car from downtown, the lookout offers one of the best views of the city any time of year, day or night. During the summer, the area surrounding the Sato-Hiromi pass becomes a huge lavender garden. This garden opens from the middle of July until early August. Over 7,000 lavender bushes fill the garden with brilliant purple. For a small fee, visitors to the garden can even clip some lavender to take with them as a souvenir.

Yume Kobo Sato-Horomi Pass Lookout

471-110 Bankei, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido