Born from a Volcano: Lake Toya – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Located between Sapporo and Hakodate, Lake Toya is a natural oasis resting in a caldera created millions of years ago by the still-active volcano, Mount Usu. Nowadays, Lake Toya has become a popular power spot for those looking for an energy boost during their time in Hokkaido, as well as a fantastic site for nightly firework displays and Winter illuminations. In the center of the lake are four islands known as “Nakajima”. You can travel to the largest of the Nakajima islands via ferry and wander around the trails surrounded by massive coniferous trees. Or, feel free to stay on the boat for a leisurely 50-minute cruise! The volcanic activity in the area makes Lake Toya one of the best onsen spots around, so make sure to find a hot spring and take a dip after a day of trekking.