Cape Chikyu: A Panoramic View of the Pacific Ocean – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

One of the highlights of touring Muroran, a southern coastal town of central Hokkaido, is visiting Cape Chikyu. Visitors can take in a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean from the cape’s observation deck. Built on top of a precipitous cliff that juts out above the ocean, visitors can gaze upon the pure blue of both sea and sky, making this spot one of the best views of the ocean in the region. Occasionally, visitors are lucky enough to see dolphins, whales, and other marine life playing in the waves off the Muroran coast. Ambitious travelers may want to wake up for an early morning visit. On clear days, the sunrise over the ocean bathes the sea in brilliant oranges, making for a heavenly view of the horizon.

Cape Chikyu

4 -27 Bokoi Minamimachi, Muroran, Hokkaido