Collect Hokkaido’s Uniquely Shaped Ezo Omikuji Fortunes – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Ezo omikuji, named after the historical term for Hokkaido, are fortunes visitors can collect from six different shrines located around the northern island. Each fortune-telling slip of paper comes tucked into a unique paper doll that is specific to the region. These unique dolls include a squid from Hakodate’s Yukura Shrine, a Pacific saury from Nemuro’s Kotohira Shrine, an ear of corn from Biei Shrine, a salmon and trout from Obihiro Shrine, a Sakhalin surf clam from Tomakomai’s Tarumaesan Shrine, and a crab from Wakkanai’s Hokumon Shrine. Visitors that collect them all are sure to bless the rest of their visit to Japan.