Come to Fukiage Hot Spring Health Center Hakugin-so for a Record 12 Open-Air Baths Set in a Peaceful Environment – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This hot spring resort near Furano is located halfway up Mount Tokachi in the midst of nature. Why not stay overnight or enjoy one of their many baths on a day trip? It boasts four open-air baths for women and four for men. It also has an even larger open-air bath, a slide, and four mixed-gender open-air baths, allowing you to enjoy forest therapy and bathing in hot springs at the same time. Indoor baths are available here too, including a rock bath, a jacuzzi, a bed-style bath, a waterfall shower, and a sauna room. After bathing, you can relax in the lounge on the second floor free of charge. Those who stay overnight will need to prepare their own meals and are free to bring their own food.

Fukiage Hot Spring Health Center Hakugin-so

Fukiage, Kamifurano, Sorachi, Hokkaido