Cycling through Kiyosato’s Scenic Landscape – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This cycling route lets you take in the natural beauty of  Kiyosato, Hokkaido. With a veteran guide supporting you every step of the way, don’t miss this cycling tour which is perfect for beginner to expert cyclists.  The course runs from the Uramashu Observatory, through to the brilliant cobalt blue Kaminoko Pond, and then onto the Uchu Observation Tower. Once you have taken in the majestic sights of Hokkaido from this final vantage point, it is only a quick ride through the Kiyosato Straight Road! Be sure to apply with a group of at least 2 people.

Kiyosato Cycling Experience

62 Hagoromomachi, Kiyosato, Shari-gun, Hokkaido

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Hokkaido Cycling Tourlism Guide