Delicately Crisp Veggies at Soup Curry Suage+ – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The restaurant’s name, Suage (pronounced soo-ah-geh), means “deep-fried without batter,” and is what makes this soup curry restaurant stand out from the others. Vegetables and other solid ingredients are deep-fried without the use of any batter or coating at all. The crispy texture of the first few bites gently leads into the soft texture of the vegetables, which are soaked in the light broth of the curry. Suage+ offers two kinds of broth to choose from: the Suage+ soup, a traditional curry broth recipe, or the Suage+ exclusive ikakuro soup, which is made with squid ink. Suage+’s main restaurant is in the Susukino district of Sapporo, right across from the Norubesu building. Another of their shops is down the street, and a third is at the foot of Mt. Moiwa, so visitors can stop in for a quick bite after hiking.

Soup Curry Suage+

2F Tsushimatsu Bldg. S4 W5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido