Delicious Seafood and Sushi-Making Classes at Sakura-Michi – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

One of many renovated old farmhouses in Hakodate, Sakura-Michi is a sushi restaurant sitting inside a charming old-world building initially constructed in the mid-20th century. From the nostalgic wood-latticed exterior to the traditional food on offer inside, the restaurant offers visitors a distinctly Japanese experience. The menu focuses on locally-sourced sushi, sashimi, and tempura, along with original smoked items to nibble with some nihonshu (rice wine, often called sake). Foreign language menus are available as our Halal options. Sushi-making workshops are available during lunchtime (reservations necessary). Under the tutelage of an experienced sushi chef, you’ll learn how to prepare your own sushi nigiri (raw fish on beds of vinegared rice) and maki rolls (fish and rice rolled inside a seaweed wrap) using local ingredients, before dining on these delights for lunch.

Sakura-Michi Seafood Restaurant

24-1 Aoyagicho, Hakodate, Hokkaido