Delight in Delicious Desserts at Happiness Dairy – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Happiness Dairy, located in Kiyomigaoka in central Hokkaido, offers exactly what it says on the tin: dairy and happiness in equal measures. The shop’s delicious desserts, made with fresh milk from healthy cows reared locally, includes up to 24 varieties of gelato ice cream which alternate across the year as different produce comes in and out of season. But Happiness Dairy isn’t only for those with sweet tooths; the locally-made cheese, which is proudly served in first-class on Japan Airlines international flights, is rich, creamy, and mouthwateringly good. For lunch, the pizza made with original raclette cheese is hard to beat. Other unique dairy-based omiyage (edible souvenirs) are available in the store, such as milky chocolate boxes and muscat cake. 

Happiness Dairy

104-2 Kiyomi, Ikeda, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido