Delight in Sapporo’s Class Dessert: Shime-Parfait – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

After a night of feasting and drinking in Sapporo, there’s no better way to round things off than with a towering and decadent dessert. Enter the shime-parfait, a classic Hokkaido dessert that literally translates to “conclusion” parfait. Cafés and parfaiterias all over the city serve this edible art, often using soft-serve cream, whipped cream (both sourced from local dairy farms), and fresh fruits. Shime-parfaits have become a night-capping trend among the city’s youth and are an essential part of Sapporo’s nightlife culture. There are various unique shops across the city offering photogenic parfaits in all colors of the rainbow. And for those who want to spice things up a notch, parfaits made with alcoholic jellies are also available. So, as they say, when in Sapporo, why not do as the Sapporoites do?