Delight Your Tastebuds with White Chicken Stock-Based Ramen – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

At Menko Naganuma, opened in 2017, chicken bones are simmered to make a chicken stock (tori paitan) soup as the base.  The resulting taste is a light and gentle, with a distinct umami flavor: a definite must try!  When different seasonings are added to the base, many different ramen types are born, such as the two best-sellers,   “salt” (770 \) which adds the richness of soy sauce and “spicy miso” (880 \) which is seasoned with spicy miso paste and homemade chili oil.  The restaurant uses two types of noodles, thin and curly, and also boasts vegetables and rice that are sourced locally as much as possible. Pull up and chair and enjoy the delicate yet full flavors that tori paitan is known for!

Menko Naganumaya

1-7-16 Sakaecho, Naganuma, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido