Discover the Roots of Zenkoji Temple’s Nickname, the Temple of Flowers – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Founded in 826, Zenkoji temple has a long history of being imbued with increasing cultural significance. Centuries after its original construction, it was rebuilt in 1613 by the feudal lord, Yoshihiro Matsumae, who enshrined a statue of Amida Buddha. Two centuries later, in 1804, the Edo Shogunate designated it one of the Three Official Temples of the Ezoi. Today, the entire area of the temple has been designated as a national historic site, housing a total of 62 important national cultural properties in the treasure hall. Why not stop by this renowned “Temple of Flowers”? Its seasonal flowers, such as cherry blossoms, azaleas, and hydrangeas, are a gorgeous site regardless of the time of year!

Usu-zenkoji Temple

124 Usu-cho, Date, Hokkaido