Eat Hokkaido-style lamb Jingisukan YAMAGOYA – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Just a stone’s throw from Sapporo’s Susukino Station, sits Jingisukan YAMAGOYA, a restaurant famous for its jingisukan BBQ cuisine – grilled lamb and vegetables often cooked on a convex skillet. The dish is served with a special sauce: an apple-based recipe that has been passed down since the shop was established in 1956. Jingisukan YAMAGOYA’s unique combination of counter-only seating, wood-paneled decor, and tribal design themes replicate the atmosphere of a cozy hut hidden away in the mountains (which is mirrored in the restaurant’s name: Yama means “mountain”). While jingisukan lamb is one of Hokkaido’s most popular cuisines, other northern Japanese staples are also available, including sika deer meat. Accompanying the meat are all-you-can-eat beansprouts, onions, and cherry tomatoes.

Jingisukan YAMAGOYA

Daigo Green Bldg. 1F, M4 W4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido