Enjoy a Leisurely Time at this Unique Fusion Hot Springs and Café – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Stop by Ofuro Café for a singular experience: this hot springs facility has a spacious area for guests to spend their time as they please, complete with free freshly-brewed coffee, Wi-Fi, and charging areas, as well as a wide selection of comics and magazines to read. Or, you can also sit back and relax with massage chairs and recliners for peak self-care. When you are craving a bite to eat, drinks and meals are also available at the locally-themed café and restaurant. The springs themselves are also popular for their dual natural hot spring sources and well-known waters that promote beautiful skin. Why not fully immerse yourself in this experience in the facility’s indoor and outdoor baths?

Ashibetsu Onsen Ofuro Café Seiyukan

1 Yuya, Asahimachi. Ashibetsu, Hokkaido