Enjoy Beautiful Nature and Two Types of Hot Springs at Obokoso – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This location has been home to hot springs for about 130 years. After becoming established as a town-run hot spring resort in 1975, its popularity as a hot spring resort grew after accommodations were built in 1980. While here, why not soak in the two types of hot springs, a gentle indoor bath known for beautifying the skin, and a large outdoor bath filled with ocher-colored iron-rich water? They will warm you to the core and provide you with the ultimate in relaxation. For dinner, enjoy kaiseki and open-hearth cuisine that includes charcoal grilled dishes made with plentiful local ingredients, such as seafood from Uchiura Bay. Select from a deluxe suite with an overlooking bath, a Japanese-Western style room, or a Japanese-style room, and relax at this hot spring resort in the mountains.

Obokoso, Yakumo Onsen

622 Namarikawa, Yakumo, Futami-gun, Hokkaido